malware profiling

Detect malware no other solution can find

The malware lifecycle is specifically designed to evade detection and prevention systems. Seculert is powered by a unique combination of technologies that work together in the cloud over an extended period of time – to detect advanced malware that no on-site solution can possibly find.

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Pure cloud solution

Pure cloud solution

No hardware. No software. No headache! Without appliances to install and maintain, you get the lowest TCO around.

immediate results

Immediate results

Simply define a range of IP addresses and domains and get information about malware you already have – immediately.


All sites, all users – even BYOD

Only Seculert protects all of your employees and partners, on every device and operating system – including remote workers and personal mobile devices. With Seculert, there is no need to install extra appliances at all of your premises in order to achieve full coverage. And if you already have an APT protection appliance at headquarters, Seculert is a convenient, cost-effective solution for protecting the rest of your locations.

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As easy as 123

Unmatched simplicity

Seculert is a zero-touch solution that delivers the best protection available against advanced threats.

automated big data analytics

Big Data analytics

Securely upload your traffic log files and Seculert does the rest. With unique statistical “learning sets” developed through botnet interception and the elastic sandbox, and cutting-edge machine learning algorithms, Seculert detects even the most elusive malware.

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Works seamlessly with all security products and vendors

Seculert complements all existing security solutions. Automatically transform your perimeter security into an advanced threat protection solution with Seculert’s RESTful API.

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