When you need to provide the C-Suite with continuous visibility on the enterprise’s security posture and reduce the time it takes to remediate infections in a target SLA of 1-2 days.


Seculert is a cloud-based breach analytics platform that provides an automated, continuous breach detection service. Learn more about the Seculert Platform.


Seculert is ideal for enterprises employing at least 5,000 connected users that have next generation prevention solutions deployed, have a way to extract proxy log data, and who need 100% verified priority 1 incident reports of compromised devices.


Seculert is currently available for purchase in North America, the United Kingdom, Germany, Israel, and other select EMEA countries.


Seculert leverages the malware’s weakness by examining (over time) the outbound communications logs generated by the existing proxy solutions using a combination of Big Data analytics, unique malware profiles, and machine learning algorithms. For more information on our technology, check out the different technologies that make up the Seculert Platform.


The Seculert Platform detects 15-90% more infections that prevention solutions while lowering the required time to remediate compared to SIEM solutions. Since the Seculert Platform is cloud-based, it achieves this at materially lower cost because it requires no new hardware or software to be installed or maintained. For more information on breach detection, check out our Resources section.

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