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Seculert Key Benefits & Features


Real World Threats, Exposed in 2 Minutes... Fixed in 5.

Seculert Javelin is the first inside-out attack simulation and remediation service that allows you to determine how well your secure web gateways (SWG), next-generation firewalls (NGFW), or proxy would do at preventing the latest, real world, malicious malware attacks from succeeding in communicating with their perpetrator’s command and control servers.

Javelin replicates the destination-based communication used by latest, real-world [active-trending] attacks to exfiltrate data. The test takes less than 2 minutes to complete and uses no actual malware.

Javelin also provides a Daily Fix to fill the gaps in gateway performance identified by the attack simulation. 

To learn how to use the Javelin’s Daily Fix to update your gateway and avoid falling victim to current real world attacks, click here.

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Is Your Gateway Really Protecting You?

Your web gateway, NGFW, or proxy is designed to protect you from the effects of malware attacks that penetrate your network. But is it? Seculert Labs research consistently reveals that, as a category, gateway solutions miss 40% of malicious outbound communications and allow active attacks to communicate with their perpetrators.

Seculert Labs also found that when a gateway fails to block attack communication it permits a lot of data to escape the network. The average number of successful outbound communications per incident (or infected device) is more than 100.

Measured over time, nearly all of the gateways observed exhibited uneven performance. While most performed well for weeks or months, eventually all showed evidence of being “defeated” by the adversary.

To learn how to use the Javelin’s Daily Fix to update your gateway and avoid falling victim to current real world attacks, click here.
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Empower Your Gateway to Contain Evasive Techniques

In a perfect world it would be possible to identify new attacks in real time before they infect any devices on a large network. In the real world, however, attacks are stealthy and designed to defeat even the most the modern prevention solutions. The attackers have also adopted “low and slow” propagation strategies to make their attacks even harder to detect. The challenge this creates for security teams is how to best complement their prevention strategies with effective containment.

Designers of evasive techniques are intimately familiar with the capabilities (and weaknesses) of current prevention and containment solutions and are using this knowledge to develop a whole new generation of evasive techniques.

These types of attacks can only be identified with sophisticated behavioral detection technologies based on superior anti-malware science and machine learning. Seculert Shield is designed to perform exactly this job and provide SOC teams with unique visibility into these techniques and provide the containment tools to stop them.
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Latest From The Blog

May 19, 2016 12:06:19 PM

451 Research Report on Javelin Attack Simulator

Those of you who follow this space may likely have noticed Seculert's announcement of a significant product line extension 60...

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Those of you who follow this space may likely have noticed Seculert's announcement of a significant product line extension 60 days ago. The "Seculert Javelin Attack Simulator" is the culmination of our efforts to extend a critical piece of the knowledge embodied in Seculert's "Attack Detection Platform" to a wider audience.

Until mid-March of this year if you wanted to know how well (or poorly) your web gateway, NGFW, or proxy was performing in preventing malicious communication from exiting your network, you had to be a current Seculert customer. With the launch of Javelin, you can now experience a glimpse of one of the eye-opening features provided to Seculert's enterprise customers. While our customers can see how well their gateways are doing against thousands of distinct attacks, Javelin users receive similar visiblity on how their gateways would respond to the top 12 most dangerous attacks Seculert Labs sees each week, and does so in just a couple of minutes through a benign, yet powerful, browser-based test. 

We've been discussing the Seculert Javelin Attack Detection Simulator with the leading industry analysts, including 451 Research. Two of the 451 analysts, Dan Cummins and Eric Ogren, have written a succinct report which neatly summarizes their take on Javelin and how it fits into an overall security strategy. I think they sum up our new product nicely when they state that, "Javelin is a self-service cyber-range that pits secure web traffic, firewall gateways, and proxies against simulations of current top malicious attacks, based on Seculert’s crowdsourced intelligence and analytics."

If you would like your own copy of the 451 Research report, it is available here


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“Deploying Seculert was like hiring three extra security analysts for a fraction of the cost, and these three never sleep!”

Richard Rushing, CISO, Motorola Mobility

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