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Organizations worldwide are turning to Seculert to identify attacks that have defeated their prevention systems while also enhancing the effectiveness of their existing IT security systems. Seculert helps these Global 5000 turn questions about security system performance into answers and detect active attacks that are expropriating confidential information. 

Since 2010, Seculert’s platform has dramatically improved security system visiblity and breach detection  for customers from a variety of industries, including finance, technology, healthcare, e-commerce, energy, retail, and telecommunications.


Deploying Seculert was like hiring three extra security analysts for a fraction of the cost, and these three never sleep!- Global Communications Equipment Company

“We just send Seculert results directly to our desktop team to remediate. It really is end-to-end automation.” - International Packaged Goods Firm

“At first I was a skeptic, however, by deploying Seculert’s Analytics Platform we identified APT’s that all our other security solutions missed. We stopped a significant loss of critical data and potential damage to our brand” - A leading credit union service provider. 

“If it’s coming from Seculert, we know it’s 100% accurate- CISO Global Consulting Firm

"Seculert is the perfect witness at a crime scene."- Fortune 100 Network Equipment Company

“With the day-to-day detection process automated, my team can work on higher order problems with bigger payoffs."  Global Communications Equipment Company


“There’s a big difference between having no malware on our network, and having some…”

Gene Fredriksen, CISO, PSCU

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