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There's a hole in my bucket, dear Liza

Say you’ve got a bucket with some holes in it. Much like Henry in the famous song, you would really like to mend them. But, before you actually mend the holes you would need to discover whether you do have open holes, or maybe all of them are already mended.

Similarly, as the person in charge for the security of your enterprise network, you would most likely want to know if your web gateway (whether it’s a proxy, a secure web gateway, or next gen firewall) will be able to block the attackers’ tools from communicating back to the attackers. Because, we all know by now that eventually an attacker will be able to get inside your network and compromise at-least one of the devices. In fact, in our recent research we discovered that an average of 2% of the devices in a typical enterprise environment are already compromised.

This is exactly why Seculert created Javelin. Javelin is an attack simulator, which will “pour water” across your network environment and will try to reach out to places which your web gateway should have already blocked.
In order to do that, we have picked the top and latest bad actors that we could find by analyzing the traffic logs of our 2 million enterprise users. We then safely simulate the outbound communication behavior of each of the tools those bad actors are using in their attacks. You then have instant visibility on whether your web gateway was able to block those potential attacks or not. This is all done without the need to install any software or hardware.

If your web gateway is configured properly, and it is really is able to protect you against the latest attacks, you should see a result similar to this:

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Seculert Emphasizes Visibility for Security Executives [Product Update]

Through a new dashboard, IT executives can gain visibility into the cyber threats successfully targeting their organization and benchmark effectiveness of their response processes.

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Nov 10, 2015 10:11:56 PM

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