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Network Breached? Ask Yourself these 3 Questions within the First 48 Hours

In an article for, Peter Cheney, the director of cybersecurity at independent global risk and strategic consulting firm Control Risks, has identified three essential questions that he believes enterprises must ask within the first 48 hours after a network breach:

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Cybersecurity’s Weakest Link? Employees

About 15 years ago, a game show took public humiliation to new heights (or depths, depending on one’s perspective) by branding unsuccessful contestants as the weakest link in the group. They were then ushered offstage to the tune of the most soul-crushing “goodbye” in television history by the host.

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Cyber Attacks Beating 54% of Organizations Says Survey

A survey of 500 IT decision-makers in UK enterprises (250+ employees) has revealed that 54% lack the knowledge and capacity required to thwart sophisticated cyber attacks.

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Malware Slips by Prevention-Based Security Software

An automated and independent malware testing service has taken a quick break from analyzing malware such as worms, information stealers, and rootkits so that it can crunch some numbers — and the news isn’t good for enterprises that rely exclusively on prevention-based security software packages.

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On-Demand Webinar: Proxy Games - How Enterprises Remain Vulnerable to Threats

Today's enterprises still remain vulnerable to threats, in particular those companies relying on prevention-based perimeter...

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Proxy Games - How Enterprises Remain Vulnerable to Threats

On-Demand Webinar

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New Dyre variant outsmarts AV researchers' sandboxes

Now Seculert researchers have discovered new changes that make Dyre more difficult to detect and analyze.

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Anti-sandbox capabilities found in Dyre malware

Seculert research discovers that a new version of the financial malware Dyre is avoiding sandbox detection by counting the number of cores.

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Banking Trojan Uses Simple Method to Evade White Hats’ Analysis

A new variant of Dyre banking Trojan has emerged with a simple, yet efficient trick that prevents malware researchers from analyzing it.

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Nasty Dyre malware bests white hat sandboxes

Core checker a defensive wrecker

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