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Let’s Hack an Election, Shall We?

With the election only a week away, the discussion about how the upcoming U.S. presidential election may or may not be “rigged” is being closely watched. ‘Election hacking’ reports from CNN, the Washington Post, and even the candidates themselves provide yet another debate platform regarding the possibility of corrupted election results. For the purpose of this blog let’s set aside the fact about our national election system is far too distributed for any widespread national vote theft to occur and explore the more likely technological aspects of “hacking an election” through swing states...and what we know through Seculert Labs analysis.

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Security Analytics: A "Top Four" Topic At Black Hat

A significant and respected collective of global IT security professionals congregate in the U.S. twice yearly, for RSA during the mild and temperate San Francisco winters, and later for Black Hat & Defcon, annually held in the sweltering and abysmal heat of a Las Vegas August.

Unfriendly outdoor temperatures aside, last week's #BHUSA 2016 featured all of the usual demonstrations of 'how to hack anything with a network connection', keynotes by industry luminaries, and parties (it is Vegas after all). The problem with being on the ground at Black Hat is that no matter how much effort you expend, it's only possible to see and absorb a portion of it - even if you spend every waking hour in sessions or on the show floor. Thus, I've made it a ritual to review and read what other attendees had to share in the aftermath of these conferences.

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451 Research Report on Javelin Attack Simulator

Those of you who follow this space may likely have noticed Seculert's announcement of a significant product line extension 60 days ago. The "Seculert Javelin Attack Simulator" is the culmination of our efforts to extend a critical piece of the knowledge embodied in Seculert's "Attack Detection Platform" to a wider audience.

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May 19, 2016 10:06:19 PM

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