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Nymaim: Deep Technical Dive - Adventures in Evasive Malware

Nymaim is mostly known worldwide as a downloader, although it seems they evolved from former versions, now having new functionalities to obtain data on the machine with no need to download a new payload. Some of the exported functionalities allow harvesting passwords and browsers data from the machine, hidden on the file system until communication occurs. Payloads downloaded from the C&C are not saved locally on the machine but instead are loaded dynamically to memory with a unique internal calling convention.

One of the signature features I noticed when I began analyzing the Nymaim payload were the novel anti-reverse engineering and obfuscation techniques. Frustrating the analyzer many different code pieces for the same function requires piecing them together in order to fully understand the code. Most of the code is heavily obfuscated using ‘spaghetti code’ methods but we'll dive into that in a 1 (bit).

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Oct 11, 2016 3:30:00 PM

Ursnif: Deep Technical Dive

While attack tools around the world are stealthy and stay under the radar, we at Seculert examine many different malicious tools. This is done to stay at least one step ahead of the attackers, and improve our advanced analytics technology to detect their artistic evasive techniques.

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