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451 Research Report on Javelin Attack Simulator

Those of you who follow this space may likely have noticed Seculert's announcement of a significant product line extension 60 days ago. The "Seculert Javelin Attack Simulator" is the culmination of our efforts to extend a critical piece of the knowledge embodied in Seculert's "Attack Detection Platform" to a wider audience.

Until mid-March of this year if you wanted to know how well (or poorly) your web gateway, NGFW, or proxy was performing in preventing malicious communication from exiting your network, you had to be a current Seculert customer. With the launch of Javelin, you can now experience a glimpse of one of the eye-opening features provided to Seculert's enterprise customers. While our customers can see how well their gateways are doing against thousands of distinct attacks, Javelin users receive similar visiblity on how their gateways would respond to the top 12 most dangerous attacks Seculert Labs sees each week, and does so in just a couple of minutes through a benign, yet powerful, browser-based test. 

We've been discussing the Seculert Javelin Attack Detection Simulator with the leading industry analysts, including 451 Research. Two of the 451 analysts, Dan Cummins and Eric Ogren, have written a succinct report which neatly summarizes their take on Javelin and how it fits into an overall security strategy. I think they sum up our new product nicely when they state that, "Javelin is a self-service cyber-range that pits secure web traffic, firewall gateways, and proxies against simulations of current top malicious attacks, based on Seculert’s crowdsourced intelligence and analytics."

If you would like your own copy of the 451 Research report, it is available here


May 19, 2016 10:06:19 PM

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