eBook: Advanced Persistent Threat Protection For Dummies

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APT For Dummies

APT Protection For Dummies (SPECIAL EDITION)

Advanced Persistent Threat Protection For Dummies is a smart read for all levels of security expertise as, no matter the size of your organization, your information is under attack. Well-funded adversaries have a wealth of tools and techniques available to obtain your information. After they have your information in their possession, they use it to increase their wealth at your expense.

These adversaries are professionals, and they know what they’re doing. They believe that, for any given target of information they desire, that it’s obtainable if they can discover the technique required to get it. They spend considerable sums in research and development to develop these advanced techniques. Your adversaries are patient; they aren’t counting on immediate results but instead are persistent as they diligently work toward their goal. Unlike the school age hackers and “script kiddies” of the past, these new adversaries represent a real threat to the confidentiality and integrity of our information.

These new adversaries and what they represent are known as advanced persistent threats (APTs). These techniques and the people who use them represent the greatest menace against
the widespread use of electronic information systems today. The operators and owners of information systems have had solutions available to counter APTs, but your adversaries
have always been about two steps ahead.

This book uncovers a shroud of mystery and explains how Advanced Persistent Threat protection solutions work and how they can help an organization gain the upper hand against APTs.

Table of Content

Chapter 1: Discovering what advanced persistent threats are all about

  •     What are advanced persistent threats
  •     Examining the modern methods of APT

Chapter 2: Perusing the methods used to stop APTs

  •     Stepping back to traditional solutions
  •     Stopping APT using modern methods

Chapter 3: Looking into Seculert’s APT protection architecture

  •     Traipsing through the Sandbox environment\
  •     Performing Big Data Analytics Traffic Log Analysis
  •     Understanding Botnet Interception
  •     Evaluating the Seculert Dashboard and API

Chapter 4: Enabling Business in the Shadow of APT

  •     Stopping APT without stopping business
  •     Protecting the business with cloud-based APT protection
  •     Enabling BYOD
  •     Extending web filtering
  •     Protection from threats from customers and partners

Chapter 5: Ten ways Seculert helps reduce APTs

  •     Botnet perspective
  •     Cloud-based
  •     Big data analysis
  •     Elastic infrastructure
  •     Zero IT footprint
  •     No single points of failure
  •     Extend web filtering systems
  •     Identifies threats in customer and partner organizations
  •     Crowdsourcing
  •     Ridiculously easy setup

Download this Special Edition of Advanced Persistent Threat Protection For Dummies to learn more about APT protection and modern methods to protect your enterprise.

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