A Note from Seculert’s CEO Dudi Matot

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Dudi Matot, CEO

On behalf of the global Seculert team, it is my pleasure to announce that we have closed a $10 million Series B funding partnership with Sequoia Capital, in conjunction with our current investor Northwest Venture Partners (NVP).

An Inflection Point in the Security Market
This endorsement of Seculert’s unique Advanced Persistent Threat Protection (APT) solution, positioning and potential comes at a time when the security market is at an inflection point. There are several factors contributing to this:

  • Organizations are accepting that their existing layered approach to network security architecture cannot address today’s advanced and sophisticated malware challenges.
  • Organizations are realizing that shifting resources and budgets from endpoint production and in-line security devices to the gateway is not a solution. Not only does this lead to substantial cost increases, but the fact remains that gateways are incapable of making the right decisions due to the nature of today’s complex threats.
  • BYOD policies, mobile workers/remote offices and employees, and the integration of social media communication in the workplace are all making networks more open – and therefore, more vulnerable – than ever.
  • Data technologies and cloud technologies have become mainstream, which allows massive amounts of data to be rapidly analyzed, and leads to smarter and better decisions before, during and after a network infection.

And while it’s also true that the the threat landscape is growing more complex and challenging — just as well funded cyber criminals, hactivists, adversaries and nation states are becoming more sophisticated and dangerous — the future for network security is actually quite positive for customers who leverage Seculert’s unique approach, resources and technology.

Confronting Today’s Network Security Challenges
At Seculert, we believe that only way to confront today’s network security challenges is with elastic environments that use leading data technologies to analyze an enormous amount of information from different sources. This leads to better and more accurate detection, which we then integrate into our customers’ existing security infrastructure to make it smarter.

Furthermore, we leverage our malware expertise in conjunction with our cloud-based Advanced Threat Protection platform and RestFul API to transform our customers’ existing security devices into a comprehensive APT protection suite. This is especially useful for identifying threats that would otherwise go undetected by traditional solutions.

A Totally New Approach to Network Security
Seculert embraces a totally new approach to network security: one that is solely based in the cloud. As a result, our customers avoid the need to invest in expensive hardware and software – which are difficult to maintain and quickly out-of-date. Ultimately, we believe the cloud should work in conjunction with an existing corporate network to effectively address today’s threats, and help achieve tomorrow’s organizational goals.

Threat Protection that Evolves in Real-Time
Unlike other vendors who run in a silo, Seculert uses a crowdsourcing approach to continuously provide smarter and stronger threat protection for our customers. By enabling our customers to share part of their traffic logs, our system learns, understands and evolves in real-time as attacks are launched.

Designed for Business
At Seculert, we have always understood and respected the business side of the equation. That is why we provide our customers with a cloud-based solution to which they can easily and affordably subscribe. It is rewarding, but not surprising, to note that our solution has already proven to be successful with Fortune 500 companies, as well as global financial service providers, telecom companies, and multinational oil and gas companies.

Looking at the Road Ahead
Our new funding partnership empowers us to capitalize on this inflection point in the security market, enhance our key technological and competitive advantages, expand our global reach, and ultimately give our customers the cloud-based Advanced Threat Protection solutions they need to stay safe and successful. That has been our mission from day one, and we look forward to fulfilling it in the months, years and decades ahead.

Don’t miss a webinar with me and our CTO Aviv Raff on July 18.

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