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How to Find and Remove the Cyber Attacker that Has Already Breached Your Defenses – White Paper

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cyber attacker

For enterprises, the current cyber threat landscape is more perilous than ever — and things are only going to get worse.

That’s because not only are today’s advanced threats designed to evade traditional legacy security systems, but the bad actors behind them are highly motivated, fully resourced, and well prepared. Continue reading

Enterprise Cybersecurity Strategy Moves CEOs “Front & Center”

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In what he hails as a wake-up call for his fellow CEOs, Sentek Global’s Eric Basu latest article on Entrepreneur.com pointedly entitled “CEOs Can No Longer Sit By on Cybersecurity” is also must-read for all executives who want their enterprise to avoid becoming the next example of failed cybersecurity – and making the headlines for all of the wrong reasons. Continue reading

Closing the Cyber Security Skills Gap Requires More Money

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A RAND report entitled “Hackers Wanted: An Examination of the Cybersecurity Labor Market” is advising organizations in general – and the US Federal Government in particular — that in order to stay at least one step ahead of the bad guys, they need to dole out more cash so they can recruit and retain desperately-needed cyber security professionals; especially those at the high-end of the capability spectrum, who can command salaries in the $200,000 – $250,000/year range. Continue reading

Cyber Threats: Assume You’ve Been Breached

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cyber threat

A new video published by The Economist entitled “A Special Report on Cyber-security: Defending the digital frontier,” is sending an essential – albeit chilling – message to enterprises around the world: the smartest thing you can do is assume that your network defense system has already been breached by cyber threats. Continue reading

Takedowns: Touchdown or Turnover?

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Over the last several months malware takedowns have made headlines. But what is really involved in such an operation? The recent takedowns have been a collaborative effort mostly between the private sector and government entities, with academic researchers also playing a role. While some operations included arrests, and others included a civil lawsuit, the same question remains — How does one determine if the takedown was a success? Continue reading

Malware, Would You Install it for One Cent?

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malware for 1 cent

A research study report entitled “It’s All About The Benjamins: An empirical study on incentivizing users to ignore security advice,” has revealed that 22% of users will knowingly download and run what their operating system warns them could be malware, if they’re paid one cent — provided that they don’t think it will diminish their computer’s power. Continue reading

Botnet Evading Traditional Security Methods

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While it’s unlikely that we’ll see a Cyber Crime Awards Ceremony anytime soon (although anything is possible with the rise of enterprise-class malware), if threat actors did bestow such honors upon each other, then this year’s winner of “Most Innovative APT Campaign” might be the Asprox Botnet. Continue reading

Extended APT Campaign Targeted US Airports

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APT campaign targets airports

In its 2013 Annual Report, the Center for Internet Security (CIS), a nonprofit group that works closely with state and local governments, has revealed that last year US airports were targeted by an unnamed nation state in a prolonged Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) campaign. Continue reading

NY Times Article Ushers in the Era of Cloud Computing

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According to a new article by New York Times journalist Quentin Hardy, the practice of linking and distributing data across multiple machines, and leveraging their collective power to achieve remarkably cost-effective levels of performance, access, speed, and scalability — or more simply put: cloud computing — has now become so prevalent, that it could be on its way to becoming the global norm for corporate data center architecture instead of the alternative. Continue reading