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How to Find and Remove the Cyber Attacker that Has Already Breached Your Defenses – White Paper

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cyber attacker

For enterprises, the current cyber threat landscape is more perilous than ever — and things are only going to get worse.

That’s because not only are today’s advanced threats designed to evade traditional legacy security systems, but the bad actors behind them are highly motivated, fully resourced, and well prepared. Continue reading

Home Depot Hackers Already Draining Victims’ Accounts

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hackers home depot

The Wall Street Journal has reported that the hackers who’ve gotten their digital hands on payment card data from as many as 56 million Home Depot customers in the United States and Canada have already started draining the victims’ bank accounts, and purchasing electronics, prepaid cards (a.k.a. gift cards), and even groceries with their stolen loot. Continue reading

Goodwill Industries’ Security Breach- Undetected for 18 Months

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security breach goodwill

We previously wrote about a possible security breach affecting Goodwill Industries’ credit and debit card customers in 21 States; a breach that the company later confirmed and blamed on an unnamed third-party PoS vendor. Continue reading

Malware Exploits Network Security Weaknesses

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In its newly-released 2014 Midyear Security Report, Cisco is warning enterprises that, while they still need to focus on plugging high-profile vulnerabilities in their network defense system, they can’t afford to ignore more mundane weak links such as outdated software, flawed code, user errors, or abandoned digital properties – because doing so plays right into the hands of bad actors who are counting on slipping through these overlooked entry points to deploy malware. Continue reading

Tiny Tinba Trojan Could Pose Big Threat

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tinba trojan

In July 2014, the original source code of Tinba was made public in an underground forum. This leaked version comes with complete documentation and full source code. This follows other source code leaks from much more infamous and prevalent threats, which researchers worry that attackers could use as the basis for new versions. Similar to what happened with the 2011 Zeus source code leak that then lead to the creation of Citadel. Continue reading

Zeus Malware Variants Designed to Evade Client-Side Security Software

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zeus malware

As reported by Zero Day’s Charlie Osborne, threat actors are using new variants of the notorious Zeus malware Trojan in an email campaign designed to steal financial data from (so far) a Canadian bank and several US business targets. Continue reading

Hackers Slip Past Two-Factor Authentication Security at 20+ Banks

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Think that the heralded two-factor authentication is enough to thwart today’s hackers? Well, so did cyber security professionals at 34 banks across Europe and Asia – that is, until, their customers’ online accounts were ransacked in new campaign that appears to be the handiwork of cyber criminals operating out of Russia and Romania. Continue reading