Perimeter Security as the Proverbial Goldfish

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perimeter security gold fish

In a new article for Infosecurity Magazine, Vectra Networks CTO Oliver Tavakoli uses an analogy of a goldfish circling a fishbowl to illustrate a defining characteristic of perimeter security: it has no memory.

“While perimeter security has its place in a defense-in-depth security strategy, the reality is that perimeter security has the same perfect amnesia as a goldfish swimming in circles in its bowl,” writes Tavakoli. “Each time a goldfish circles the perimeter of the bowl, it has no memory of its prior journey. Similarly, each time perimeter security sees a threat or suspicious behavior, it is as if it is seeing it for the first time.” Continue reading

IT Security Spending for the Year Ahead

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It security spending

Citi Research, a division of Citigroup Global Markets Inc., has released its “2015 CISO Survey.” According to the 54 CISOs who participated in the survey, here’s how the spending intentions of this representative group will likely shape the enterprise IT security landscape in the year ahead: Continue reading

Cybersecurity Reporter: “How Can You Expect to Stop Hackers if You Don’t Know You’ve Been Hacked?”

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In a recent article, The Hill’s cybersecurity reporter Elise Viebeck has posed a provocative question that should be top-of-mind among CSOs in both private and public organizations: how can you expect to stop hackers if you don’t know you’ve been hacked?

The inquiry stems from the growing number of examples — Target, Home Depot, Sony, and Kmart spring to mind — in which hackers breached their victims’ cybersecurity defenses months before the attacks came to light. Continue reading

Cyber Security Staff Salaries are Booming

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cyber security salaries are booming

As reported by the Wall Street Journal, salaries for mid-level software engineers capable of helping enterprises thwart advanced malware and prevent data leaks are booming. Add the fact that many CSOs tasked with on-boarding new talent are hindered by strict salary caps, and the problem of recruiting and retaining cyber security staff has become even more intractable. Continue reading

New Dyre Version- Yet Another Malware Evading Sandboxes

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iStock_000003319876Large for blog

Last fall, we posted about the new tricks of the Tinba trojan. Now, the Dyre malware, another trojan has some new tricks of its own.

The Dyre Wolf malware campaign made headlines in early April as a banking trojan that bypassed 2 factor authentication in order to steal over $1 million from corporate bank accounts. The Dyre Wolf campaign used a combination of malware and social engineering and remained undetected by the majority of anti-virus products.

Having closely monitored the activities of the cyber gang behind the Dyre malware, we recently detected some new changes to the malware. The changes prompted further investigation by our Research Lab. Continue reading

Your Cybersecurity Team, CFOs Now a Vital Member

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cybersecurity team

In a feature article for, Steve Durban, the managing director of Information Security Forum, is urging enterprises to ensure that their CFOs are a vital part of their cybersecurity team.

Specifically, Durban, whose non-profit association focuses on investigating, clarifying, and resolving key issues in information security around the world, advises CFOs to play an active role in promoting cybersecurity and identifying threats by: Continue reading

Perimeter Security Defenses: A Technical Review

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As my colleague and co-founder, Dudi Matot, noted in his Perimeter Security Defense: Time to “Think Different”? post last week, we’ve just finished a very interesting piece of Big Data research focused on the behavior of the malware that has succeeded in infecting our customer’s networks. Continue reading

Perimeter Security Defense: Time to “Think Different”?

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perimeter security

It was almost exactly ten years ago that U.S. Counter Terrorism Advisor Richard Clarke stood before the Congressional committee investigating the 9/11 attacks and uttered the famous phrase, “Your government failed you. Those entrusted with protecting you failed you. And, I failed you.” It was a seminal moment in America’s processing of the tragedy of 9/11 because an adult stood up and declared himself to be accountable.

I have to admit I sometimes wish the cyber-security industry would admit similar accountability. The fact of the matter is that this $71 billion industry IS failing to protect us from the cyber-threats we now face each day. Continue reading

Cyber Security Skills Shortage Growing: Schools Rush to Fill Massive Gap

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iStock_000042792916_XXXLarge cyber education

As reported by The Tampa Tribune, colleges across Florida are racing to create the next generation of cyber security professionals who have the required knowledge to fight back against today’s increasingly sophisticated and well-funded bad actors. Continue reading