Seculert protects organizations from advanced threats with a comprehensive, integrated cloud-based solution that provides a long-term response to the constantly-changing threat landscape. Seculert analyzes malware communications, traffic logs, and suspicious files to identify known and unknown advanced threats. As a cloud-based solution, Seculert requires no software or hardware and protects your employees – internal, remote, and mobile – customers, and suppliers. Advanced malware and APTs are a growing problem for today’s enterprises because they morph, transmit, and are quiet for long periods of time. These advanced threats demand a new class of defenses that implement an integrated set of detection and protection technologies to uncover and block malware in all of its variations. By leveraging the compute power of the cloud Seculert provides complete coverage, comprehensive analytics, persistent detection, and integrated intelligence to detect more known and unknown advanced threats inside and outside the network than any other solution.

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