Prevention Solutions Fail 15-90% of the Time

Recent research reveals that conventional gateway proxy/NGFW, and SIEM solutions allow 15-90% of the malware resident on enterprise networks to communicate out— enabling further propagation and expropriation of confidential data.

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Even the Best Security Systems Require Effective Compensating Controls

You wouldn’t drive a car without seatbelts, wire a house without circuit breakers, or even play football without a helmet. You also shouldn’t deploy a cyber-defense without a complete post-infection detection system.

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Cloud-Based Automated Breach Analytics Platform

Using a combination of Big Data analytics, unique malware profiles, and machine learning, Seculert identifies malware that has successfully evaded conventional prevention solutions and materially improves detection while providing visibility on overall security system performance.

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No Hardware, No Software

Seculert fully leverages the power of the cloud to rapidly respond to the constantly changing threat landscape. AND, the Seculert Platform does so securely to ensure complete confidentiality of all client traffic data.

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